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  • Do you provide lifejackets?
    Yes, life jackets are included with all rentals. However, we do recommend bringing your own to ensure a proper fit, especially for children.
  • How do I make a booking?
    Hourly SUP rentals and lessons must be booked in advance through the website. This can be done by clicking Book Now on the top of the Home Page.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your pooch along however, some of our beach locations do not allow dogs. Check out our Locations page on top of screen to see which locations are dog friendly.
  • Are kids allowed?
    Absolutely! We allow you to have your child sit on the front with you. We also will teach children in lesson but kids under 14 must be in a private lesson with parents or a guardian. We DO NOT allow children if conditions are unfavourable such as too windy. Feel free to call us at 613-263-2069 to inquire about todays conditions.
  • Are your locations waterfront?
    Yes! We have chosen locations and pick up spots in close proximity to the water.
  • What is included with the rental?
    SUP rentals include paddle, lifejacket and leash. We also provide waterproof phone cases when available.
  • Do you Sell Used Boards?
    We do sell off some of our used boards but only at the end of the season.
  • Where can I leave my belongings?
    We recommend not to bring too many personal belongings, as we will not have a secure spot to store them. However, we will happily provide each group with a dry bag if you'd like to bring some items with you on your trip.
  • Do I need to sign a waiver?
    Yes, all participants must sign a waiver before renting. To save time you can fill out the electronic waiver form in advance which can be found at the bottom of our home page.
  • Where can I park?
    The parking situation will change depending on the location you've chosen for your rental or lesson. Please check out our "locations" section of the website for more information on parking.
  • When is the last rental of the day?
    The last rental cutoff is strictly 1 hour before closing. We highly recommend arriving 10 minutes prior. A late fee will apply if you return the board after closing time.
  • What if I don't return my board before my scheduled time?
    As it is likely your board will be reserved again after your scheduled time, we would appreciate that you make every attempt to not be late returning it back to us when due. A late fee will apply if you return your board after your scheduled time.
  • What should I bring with me?
    We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you dont mind getting wet such as a bathing suit or athletic wear. We also recommend you bring sunscreen and water. Keep in mind there is a chance you might fall in the water so dont bring anything you are afraid to lose such as expensive sunglasses. We can provide a large dry bag for each group to help secure belongings if needed.
  • How does it work when I arrive?
    When you arrive you will meet us at the designated board pick up spot! We will ask you to complete a waiver form (if you haven't already done so online or at a previous visit) and then will assign you the appropriate boards. We can provide you with a waterproof phone case and large dry bag (per group) if desired, give you a quick tutorial on accessing the water/using the board, and then will direct you to the water!
  • Do I need a lesson?
    We do not require you to take a lesson in advance; however, we do encourage it especially if you are nervous your first time or if you would like to learn proper technique. If you don't take a lesson we will give you a very brief "how to", as well as safety instructions and where to go.
  • Will you give me instructions before I go out?
    We will give you a very brief how to (where to stand, how to hold your paddle) as well as safety instructions and where to go. If you require more instruction we do offer lessons.
  • Do you have Kayaks or Canoes?
    As of now, we do not offer kayak or canoe rentals.
  • What size are the paddleboards?
    Most of our paddleboards are either 10'6" or 11'6" long. Our boards hold upto 275lbs.
  • What do you do in inclement weather?
    We do reserve the right to close, refuse rentals or cancel a lesson in inclement weather such as heavy rain, thunderstorms or high winds. You also may cancel your lesson with short notice if the weather is bad.
  • What are the chances of falling in the water?
    We generally say that first time paddlers have a 20% chance of falling in. You have a smaller chance if you pay attention to our safety demo :)
  • What is the weight limit for the boards?
    We have boards that can support up to 275lbs.
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